Voting is open!

The 2023 Annual WAMI Awards Show voting period round 1 is now open. Cast your votes for your favorite Wisconsin music industry professional.

- Round One Voting Closes -

Round 1 Voting Is Now Closed
To ensure that WAMI’s award nomination and voting activities are completely independent from outside influence (including from any WAMI directors or staff), WAMI retained Broadjam to manage the nomination and voting process.
Based in Wisconsin and led by music industry pioneer Roy Elkins, Broadjam has developed and extensively used a robust, digital voting management system for designed for awards shows.

Over the past two decades and after processing literally thousands of votes, Broadjam’s online system guarantees an impartial, just voting process.

WAMI selected Broadjam as its independent vote tabulation company specifically for its twenty year history of seamlessly handling vote tabulations for clients such as The Academy of Country Music, NAMM TEC Awards, and the Madison Area Music Awards.
More information on Broadjam can be obtained by visiting its website at Any Questions regarding Broadjam and the WAMI awards should be directed to

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How could I be considered for a nomination? +

All Wisconsin musicians, bands, vocalists, instrumentalists, recording studios, managers, venues, songs and albums are eligible to be nominated by the general public regardless of WAMI membership status. People’s Choice nominations are determined by a voting process open to the general public.

How does the WAMI voting system operate? +

The nomination period runs for 4 weeks. Votes are collected online through our Voting Portal and tabulated by BroadJam. Anti-spam and anti-ballot-box stuffing algorithms are used to preserve data integrity.

Once nominations are determined, WAMI Members are allowed to vote online on the finalists during 2 separate 4 week periods.

WAMI voting data is proprietary and the results are not available to the public, WAMI members or WAMI Board Members.

How are the WAMI award categories chosen? +

WAMI categories have changed to reflect changes in the music industry, and in the interest of keeping the number of awards manageable. Categories are determined by the Board of Directors based on artist input and an analysis of member votes to determine interests and current trends.

How are nominated artists placed in their respective categories? +

Nominees categories are determined by those nominating them. If and when it is clear an artist is miscast (Ex: a Jazz artist nominated to the Rock category), the Board of Directors will research the situation to determine closest fit.

Contact us with questions here.

I was nominated for a WAMI Award. Do I need to purchase a ticket to attend the show? +

Complimentary tickets are made available to our Hall of Fame inductees, Wall of Honor inductees and our performers. All others are required to purchase a ticket for admission. Tickets can be purchased online in advance of the show or at the door.

I’m a WAMI Award winner. Is it possible to purchase duplicate awards? +

WAMI Awards are created by Eagle Media in Wind Lake, WI. Duplicate awards may be purchased from them directly.

Where will the Awards Show red carpet photos be posted? +

Photos from WAMI events including our annual awards show are published on our website and social media channels. We encourage our members to tag photos in our social media and share their own. Follow WAMI on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Whom do I contact to ask about charities and charitable events? +

WAMI is proud of its role in promoting music through our charitable giving. Reach out by email to to start a conversation.

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Yes.  After a successful purchase visit your account login page, select ‘My Subscription,’ and disable auto-renew.

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