41st WAMI Awards Winners

41st WAMI Awards Winners Announcement Graphic

The annual awards recognizes members of the Wisconsin Music Industry for their achievements, contributions and excellence.

About the Awards

For over 40 years, the awards are given across over nearly 80 categories. Over the course of history only half have been given at the show.

About the Awards Show

This is an annual occasion for our community to get together, enjoy live music performances and celebrate the achievements of all nominees, finalists, winners and Hall of Fame Inductees. And for the first time, it is also a chance for WAMI to reveal our plans for bringing WAMI Scholarships to music students and educators across Wisconsin.

About the Categories Presented at the Awards Show

The awards that are presented at the show are determined by the categories receiving the highest number of votes that fit in our three hour awards show time frame, along with 11 live performances.

Announcing all Winners

The delay in announcing all winners is because of the intentional separation of the WAMI Board and the voting process that is now handled by Broadjam, our third party tabulation partner.

Simply put, WAMI did not have access to the list of winners until the morning of Monday, May 22. 

At that point, it was sent to all major media outlets in the state of Wisconsin.

Presenting the Complete List of Winners

This complete list of winners is organize alphabetically by category.

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WAMI will provide every award winner a trophy at no cost. Award winners can learn more about obtaining trophies here.



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