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Your tax-deductible donation funds scholarships for underprivileged youth, helps us recognize new and emerging artists, and fosters a brighter community for Wisconsin music and means so much to us. Please donate today.

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WAMI makes significant investments in youth music scholarships and pro music community initiatives aiming to eliminate barriers to progress and autonomy for all Wisconsin musicians and artists. A smaller portion of our resources are used to fund our non-volunteer staff and general expenses, as well as fund-raising expenses.

Yes, monetary contributions to our organization are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. However, certain donations in which a donor receives a good or service in exchange for a donation are not or may only be partially tax-deductible. Donors should consult with their tax advisors regarding questions about tax deductions.

Monthly giving to WAMI is simply the best investment you can make to ensuring the Wisconsin music community has a viable, capable ally helping to work on behalf of all musicians in the state.

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