WAMI Awards Nomination FAQ

WAMI Awards Nomination FAQ

WAMI Awards Nomination FAQ

Whether you're a seasoned musician, a budding artist, or a passionate fan, the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Awards nomination process is a crucial and exciting part of celebrating the vibrant music scene in Wisconsin.

This section is designed to provide you with all the necessary information to understand how nominations work, who can participate, and how your voice can be heard in recognizing the outstanding musical talents in our community.

From the eligibility criteria to the submission guidelines, we aim to make the nomination process transparent and accessible to everyone. If you have a question, chances are you’ll find the answer here. And if not, we’re always here to help. Let’s dive into the details and get ready to spotlight the best in Wisconsin’s music industry!

WAMI Awards Nomination FAQs

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Ready to Submit a Nomination?

Thank you for recognizing the hard work of musicians, venue owners, sound engineers, lighting engineers and media that make up Wisconsin’s music scene.

To submit a nomination, please visit: https://broadjam.com/wami/

Ready to Register for an Award Category?

Your work in the Wisconsin music industry deserves to be recognized. Whether it is for your performance, your vocals, production, music or video; you’re encouraged to register.

To register for a category, please visit: https://broadjam.com/wami/