WAMI SEED Scholarship

WAMI provides SEED (sowing excellence, enriching dreams) Scholarships through the WAMICares program, providing support for the next generation of musicians.

A Message from WAMI President, Jason Klagstad

I’m excited to introduce the WAMI SEED Scholarship! The most important part of WAMI’s mission is to foster and support the next generation of musicians. 

As a community, we know the impact of music on learning, self expression, well-being and belonging.

Middle and high school are a critical time for young musicians. Music can be left by the wayside for several reasons; lack of robust programs, lack of recognition for its worth, other activities and economic challenges.

As professional musicians, it is on all of us to do what we can to encourage young musicians in their studies. This is where the WAMI SEED Scholarship comes in, to sow excellence and enrich dreams for young musicians.

As an organization, WAMI’s volunteer board of directors has been singularly focused on raising funds and developing the SEED scholarship.

Now, we’re rolling it out to you. We ask that you share this news with young musicians in your life.”

WAMI SEED Scholarship Details

How to Apply for the WAMI SEED Scholarship

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As a community, we can grow the WAMI SEED Scholarship!
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